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Tracking & Predictive Tracking Studies

The process of studying behaviour as visitors flow around an attraction is an essential component for evaluating success.


Understanding the visitors customer journey is paramount to success

A tracking study will not only assess where visitors go but also what visitors do whilst at the attraction, from observing where people stop and spend their time to situational variables such as levels of crowding, time of day and presence of staff.

A tracking study delivers actionable insight to allow visitor orientation, circulation, and wayfinding to be improved as well as measuring whether visitors are engaging with the attraction as expected; both ultimately have a positive effect on the visitor experience.

It is essential for a successful attraction to know how visitors spend time on site. Did you know that first-time visitors and repeat visitors spend different amounts of time at the same attractions, and they visit different areas during different times of the day? A tracking study would empower you with this type of actionable insight.


Mapping a visitor journey

The Visitor Tracking Model, created by Vision, uses real visitor experience data to help attraction operators understand how visitors spend their time whilst at an attraction, with the aim of informing future operational and investment decisions.

A visitor journey map is used as a framework for developing a whole destination or business, or it can be used as the basis to improve customer contact, marketing, accessibility, and training programmes for staff. For new attractions we can predict how visitors will engage and behave on site.

Powered by visitor behaviour research, the Visitor Tracking Model ensures each customer-facing touchpoint is proactively managed to deliver engaging experiences and revenue creating advantage.

The outputs of the Model include a visitor journey intensity graph, time use pie chart and analysis of visitor experience KPI’s including experience per hour, repeatability, and recommendations for the future. Visitor journeys can be plotted onto a plan of the site to give graphic representation of the movement patterns of typical visitors.

Taking the time to understand as much as you can about what your customers’ goals are, along with how they already move through your site, can go a long way towards keeping them happy… and growing your business. This is true for proposed and existing operations.

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