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Experience Model

Exceed customer expectations!


Getting the visitor experience right is vital to the success of any attraction. At Vision we use psychographic data to model the experience being delivered against a visitor’s desire and expectation.

Quality visitor experiences attract a higher yield and attract more visitors

Our unique, scientific approach to evaluating and shaping the visitor experience is driven by proprietary modelling software X-MOD. The Experience Model (X-MOD) was built by social psychologists, scientists, and industry specialists with a huge amount of knowledge of trends, demographics, and years of involvement in the science behind visitor experience.

We know a visitor experience is a blend of place, infrastructure, services, and interpretation. X-MOD evaluates these key parameters as well as value for money, quality of the experience, psychological appeal for key markets and learning opportunities. The result is a value that summarises the strengths and weaknesses of the visitor experience on offer, along with analytical evidence to define, direct, and support a dynamic solution.


With X-MOD we have the tools and data to benchmark your attraction performance against similar attractions locally, regionally, and nationally. X-MOD is a fundamental component of the 5 Model approach.

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