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Some of our successful projects around the world


NEOM​- Saudi Arabia

We have been working with NEOM for more than 10 years on the following projects:​NEOM Mountain Project (Trojena), Nature Reserve Region, The Line Technical support to Strategy & (PWC), NEOM Discovery Centres (NDCs)Ras Al-Sheikh HameedAl Bada’a




Dubai Festival City​ - UAE

Vision XS was invited to be part of the master planning team to look at what the future might hold for one of Dubai’s older and most loved ‘supermall

 How Vision added value: This was a complex modeling project and we were able to look into the future in terms of the decline in the retail mix and increasing leisure and city planning needs. The outcomes of our work are now being implemented putting this mall at the front of modern multi-use leisure/retail thinking.


Global Village - Dubai​

Global Village prior to 2008 was a temporary facility. Vision worked with the management team to help make the facilities permanent by modeling the visitor experience and value for money for guests in order to support a business case.​

How Vision added value: We were able to use our experience model, X-Mod, to help filter the many possible ideas that were put forward into a coherent visitor experience. The project has gone on to be super successful and has been mirrored in other parts of the world.


Trojena - Saudi Arabia

​NEOM Mountain Organisation Chart.Active Destination Management.Approved Business and Master PlanProperty Model and Macro Model.Lake Business Case.General Proposition Work on the Sports AssetsEnchanted ForestDrivers ClubSki Adventure Sports Family Entertainment CentreWater Adventure Centre: Business Model for the Aqua Park/Lake underpinned by benchmarking, component analysis, Experience Models, Market Models, Space, and Cost ModelsSki Village: looking at fun descent business case options to activate the area by the Ski Village


Sentosa Island - Singapore

​Sentosa is a 500-hectare resort island separated from Singapore by a short bridge. It offers a unique blend of leisure and recreational experiences including family attractions, heritage sites, cultural attractions, sandy beaches, rainforests, water sports, golf courses, resort hotels, and residential areas. In 2011, following ten years of mixed results, a new master plan review was initiated for Sentosa Island Developments.

The project enabled a more accurate assessment of the island and its potential and work is continuing to develop Sentosa into a successful and profitable tourist attraction.​

How Vision added value: VisionXS was appointed to evaluate the current operations from a customer point of view, carrying out market and psychographic analysis of what will become a major tourist destination in the Asia-Pacific Region. We were also able to link this work to help generate a better business case for the attractions in Imbia Lookout that were Struggling after the introduction of Universal Studios.


Floride - Netherland​

What the project was: Supply of Business and Master Plan, Visitor Experience analysis, and strategy. Will be in permanent residence from April 2022.

How Vision added value: VisionXS has worked with the Floriade team to help develop a concept development plan for the whole site that will form a basic visitor experience roadmap for Masterplan development. We considered the aspects that will engage the visitors on an emotional and psychological level and developed a “visitor experience map” so that the experience is balanced across the site. Using the Vision expertise and psychographic database of what people need and what they like to experience during their leisure days out.


SS Great Britain​ - UK

Brunel’s SS Great Britain is one of the most important historic ships in the world. In 1970, SS Great Britain was returned to the Bristol dry dock. Now listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, she is an award-winning visitor attraction and museum ship, based in Bristol Harbour with around 200,000 visitors annually.​

Vision undertook a program of work to review the current operations from a customer point of view. The review included market and psychographic analysis of the visitor experience as well as the development of a headline business development strategy.​The research included market analysis, creating a market model, and visitor experience development through testing new ideas, and business plans. The development process had at its heart Vision' proprietary Visitor Experience Model (X-Mod) that tested the perceived values of the experience and recommend a new income model and pricing strategy.


Soccer City Johannesburg-South Africa

In 2010, the FIFA World Cup came to Africa for the first time. The intense global attention drawn by the competition ultimately focused on Soccer City, as the host venue for the World Cup Final. The challenge for Vision was to identify the elements of a world-class experience for visitors, spectators, and fans who visited the complex for the World Cup.

How Vision added value: Working with the architect, Vision modeled the visitor experience to identify the key ingredients for a memorable experience and shortfalls in amenities provision (restrooms, catering, and retail). The atmosphere prevailing in a sports stadium not only provides additional value to the core product but also creates a unique entertainment value. In this case, a psychographic analysis of a key market segment was carried out. This informed and influenced successfully environmental stimuli on internal responses and the external behaviors of spectators.


Smoky Lake County​-Canada

A tourism destination investment strategy and action plan for the entire Smoky Lake County in North Alberta, Canada. The end strategy was called the Victoria District Economic Development Strategy. 

How Vision added value: Using our technical modeling expertise, along with extensive surveys and stakeholder meetings were we able to develop a strategy focussed on building on the success of the new Metis Crossing facility by developing a new tourist circulation route involving the historic Victoria Trail and Iron Horse Road. The plan is currently in its implementation phase and expects to see an investment of $50+ million into a tourist system involving new attractions, transportation, accommodation, retail, catering, and other visitor-based activities. Ultimately the plan is to grow the tourist system severalfold, increase the population and bring the jobless figures down.


London Paramount Resort - UK

What the project was: Market Study, X-mod, and Preliminary Master Plan - London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) had the vision to create a world-class entertainment destination, the first of its kind in the UK. LondonCompany Resort Holdings holds a license with Paramount Pictures for the UK rights to use its movies in a resort consisting of a theme park, water park, hotel district, and entertainment street. 

How Vision added value: It was our Vision and Business planning that started the project. We sold our shares to a Kuwaiti Investor in 2013.

Impact: The project aims to open in 2024 but Vision had no ongoing involvement once the share sale went through.


Smoky Lake County- Portugal

​What the project was: Wine regions are leveraging the benefits of an increase in wine and food tourism, and the excellent quality of Portuguese wine is recognized across the world. The owner of some of Porto’s biggest wine brands, The Fladgate Partnership group was very well placed to develop World of Wine, a collection of experiences dedicated to the history and development of the industries that have shaped the city and region. With an investment of 100m euros and a plan to transform 30,000sq meters of old port warehouses in Vila Nova de Gaia into a cultural complex, including unique experiences, restaurants, bars, and cafes as well as shops, a wine school, and a space for exhibitions and events, the Fladgate Partnership turned to Vision to evaluate their proposed plan. The brief was to ensure there was connectivity between the business plan, projected visitor numbers, revenue streams and the quality and level of visitor experience to be offered by the World of Wine. How Vision added value:Vision verified and benchmarked attendance forecast assumptions, visitor revenue assumptions, and visitor experience and did a sense check on the overall capacity of the experiences and visitor flow included in the plans submitted by the World of Wine team. The resulting recommendations about visitor experiences (type and dwell time), visitor flow, numbers, and types of visitors made by Vision did mean that World of Wine could open in 2020 with confidence, and with an achievable target of 6% market penetration in the first year of operation.


London Olympics 2012 - UK

What the project was: Vision was asked to model three of the 2012 London Olympic Games venues with a view of creating legacy plans. These plans were implemented successfully and now the venues thrive with the most successful being the White Water Canoeing Venue at Lee Valley which is now a combined elite athlete, fire training, and a white water rafter experience with expansive food and beverage facilities. 

How Vision added value: These plans were implemented successfully and now the venues thrive with the most successful being the White Water Canoeing Venue at Lee Valley which is now a combined elite athlete, fire training and a white water rafter experience with expansive food and beverage facilities.

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