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Feasibility Studies

Helping to make informed business decisions.

A comprehensive study will also advise how to make the most of the money being invested in the project’s development.

When Vision XS conducts a feasibility study we consider all the aspects of your project, from market demand, space, and capacity to visitor experience planning, financial appraisal, operations, and staff. 

Experience and Visitor Journey Modelling

Quality visitor experiences attract a higher yield and more visitors. Getting the visitor experience right is vital to the success of any attraction. At Vision XS, we use psychographic data to model the experience being delivered against a visitor’s desire and expectation.Understanding the visitor's customer journey is paramount to success.

Funding and investment

A well-produced business plan will also allow you to raise funds for your project

Vision has a remarkably high success rate of helping clients to raise money. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and vision, and then develop a business plan that has the business numbers, attendance predictions, capital costs, and experience delivery all synchronized. The organization of these figures will deliver a long-term, sustainable visitor attraction that will ensure optimum performance and quality.

Detailed Financial modelling

When you need a business or development plan for a new or established leisure attraction

Every great business, from time to time, needs an external pair of eyes to look at the plans for the future to help rationalize, make sure the plan is effective and efficient, and, importantly to ensure that it exceeds visitor expectations. Vision has worked with many well-known brands and businesses in this sensitive area.

Attendance prediction

Vision has the world’s largest entertainment psychographic database, our data has been collected from 20 different countries to study visitor’s behavior, in addition, our surveys include 150+ questions from samples of 2000+ people in each country including GCC countries.
Our Benchmark data comes from 300+ projects around the world.

Helps organizations to best achieve their business goals

Gap analysis will ascertain what competition there is currently, where it is located and if there is room for growth in a market sector.

The study calculates the demand for attraction visits from the local tourist and residential market, as well as the wider tourist system supply and demand.

Visitor Experience Strategies

Quality visitor experiences attract a higher yield and attract more visitors

Our unique, scientific approach to evaluating and shaping the visitor experience is driven by proprietary modeling software X-MOD. The Experience Model (X-MOD) was built by social psychologists, scientists, and industry specialists with a huge amount of knowledge of trends, demographics, and years of involvement in the science behind visitor experience.

Operations and development strategies

We can help you optimise operations to enable reinvestment into the attraction, we look at savings that could be made managing staff expenses, suppliers and services; as well as how to improve capacity and operations in all areas. We will look at how to better plan a visitor experience, for example often effective changes to the visitor journey and programming will generate an uplift in dwell time and catering spend.


The go-to strategist for many national and international organizations and companies


The most popular training opportunities hosted by Vision are the Walk-shop and Advanced Workshop. The Walk-shop gives delegates the opportunity to work through a challenging case study over a two-day course


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