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Business Model

Create profitable 5-10 year strategies.


The Vision Business Model takes a 360° view of a proposed concept or idea and assesses its potential for success. It is the collective output of the 5 Models.

The Model that can make your mission statement a reality

The 5 Models approach is a unique and iterative process of analysing data that can be fine-tuned many times until a stable business case is generated.

Each of the 5 Models are intrinsically linked, and a tweak to one model can result in a significant shift in another, for example, the Market Model gives the potential footfall whilst the Experience Model details the requirements for the average design day to ensure a good overall visitor experience. These two factors then dictate how much space is needed, the Space Model, and this in turn drives the Cost Model to indicate how much it all costs.

The valuable data from the Models is evaluated by the Business Model and adjustments are made to provide a deliverable business plan for a sustainable and profitable attraction.


It is not just new attractions that need a robust business strategy; a successful business will regularly review its business plan to measure performance and identify the most likely strategies for growth.

Vision can help you to prepare a business plan for strategic development or growth of an established attraction. We have the know-how to estimate and understand your market, attract more visitors, develop memorable visitor experiences, reduce cost, and increase income and create viable operational plans to future-proof your business.

As well as private sector clients Vision also works with Governments and Charities to develop economically sustainable plans, which often involve subsidy reduction or eradication.

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