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Live Visitation Portal


Live Visitation Portal

LVP is a cutting-edge technology developed by a combination of psychologists and financial experts, LVP is the latest and only technology in the world dedicated to the attractions, culture, and entertainment sectors.

We deliver a live portal that the decision-makers, senior management,  and project managers of individual assets can access and extract all kind of reports that need to be updated on the live visitation status.

The LVP is updated monthly to empower project designs and delivery teams to access:

  • Visitor attendance prediction data.

  • The mix of tourists and residents.

  • Breakdown of international tourists.

  • Benchmarking projects against other Saudi Arabia projects and best-in-class international projects.

  • Psychographic analysis that will enable each project to adjust its content to approve his presence or entertainment experiences.


Live Visitation Portal Reports

The LVP provides 2 types of report, individual report for a single asset/ attraction, and General report for a bigger type of project that contain several assets/ attraction such as a country, city or mega projects

Reports for multiple assets

  • Market data Report

  • Asset counts and openings Report

  • Overall Attendance Report

  • Overall Gap in region/Project Report

  • The gap in region/project by asset type Report

  • Experience Quality Report

  • Psychological Elements Report

Reports for Individual asset/attraction:

  • Attendance Prediction report

  • Gap Analysis Report

  • Supply Market Share

  • Visitor Mix Report

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