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     Specialized Strategists in tourism and visitor attractions: Leisure, Entertainment, Heritage, Culture, and Sport.


Get to Know Us

Vision XS MENA is a business consultant services organization, based in the United Kingdom, with a regional office in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are specialized strategists with 27 years of experience in visitor attractions, dedicated to leisure, entertainment, heritage, culture, and sport, with a proven track record in providing strategic plans, investment advice, and feasibility studies.

Our services are used in more than 30 cities in 18 different countries around the world with more than 500 successful attraction projects.

Our Services 

Pre Concept to Business Planning

The Vision XS Business Model takes a 360° view of a proposed concept or idea and assesses its potential for success; It is the collective output of the 5 Models.

Vision’s models deliver visitor journey forecasts to aid business planning and predict visitor experiences to ensure attractions provide the best experiences.

Our approach is unique, and Vision’s models are widely recognized and used by the sector as the most comprehensive and accurate, and our experience and passion are unrivalled.

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Visitor Experience Strategies and Visitor Journey Modelling

Quality visitor experiences attract a higher yield and more visitors. Getting the visitor experience right is vital to the success of any attraction. At Vision XS, we use psychographic data to model the experience being delivered against a visitor’s desire and expectation.
Understanding the visitor's customer journey is paramount to success.

Feasibility Study

Helping to make informed business decisions.

A comprehensive study will advise how to make the most of an investment in the project’s development.

When Vision XS conduct a feasibility study we consider all the aspects of your project, from market demand, space, and capacity to visitor experience planning, financial appraisal, operations, and staff. 

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Attendance Prediction

Vision has the world’s largest entertainment psychographic database, our data has been collected from 20 different countries to study visitor’s behavior, in addition, our surveys include 150+ questions from samples of 2000+ people in each country including GCC countries.
Our Benchmark data comes from 300+ projects around the world.

Live Visitation Portal

LVP is a web-based monitoring tool to empower leadership and management teams to hold the keys to live visitation models to provide individual projects with on-time and accurate data that is based on the combined nation of residents and tourism system of the targeted area.

LVP is a cutting-edge technology developed by a combination of psychologists and financial experts, LVP is the latest and only technology in the world dedicated to the attractions, culture, and entertainment sectors.

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Vision Training Academy

Avoid the pitfalls of strategy planning and execution and push your career further with the tools and skills that you will learn from our courses

Vision uses a unique market-leading methodology called the ‘5 Models’ to help visitor attraction management teams prepare development strategies for growth; estimate and understand their market, create memorable visitor experiences, and deliver viable operational plans to future-proof their business.

In this course developed by Vision's team from 27 years of experience and more than 500 successful projects, you'll learn the pillars of strategy execution, analysis, formulation, and implementation, and how to use the 5 Models to effectively approach strategy execution.

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Our Experience

Visitor Experiance strategy

Previous and current projects

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Vision XS is a proud member of:

IAAPA Member

The industry experience, guidance and support we received has been invaluable in shaping the master plan for the next 10 – 15 years of our business. Tony and his team have been a pleasure to work with, their collaborative approach ensures that what is proposed fits the location, the culture and vision for the future. Backed up with solid research, science and demonstrable results seals the deal and ensures buy-in".

Simon Townsend, Operations Director, Longleat

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